Keynote Lecturers

Michael Liebreich

Mr. Michael Liebreich

Chairman and CEO of Liebreich Associates, UK

Bertrand Piccard

Dr. Bertrand Piccard

Initiator and Chairman
Solar Impulse, Switzerland


Join us to discuss the forefronts of regulating in a time of innovation with more than 80 experts from all over the world.

Janice A. Beecher

Mrs. Janice A. Beecher

Michigan State University, USA

Lorraine H. Akiba

Mrs. Lorraine H. Akiba

Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, USA

Amory B. Lovins

Mr. Amory B. Lovins

Cofounder and Chief Scientist
Rocky Mountain Institute, USA

Mariano Bacigalupo Saggese

Mr. Mariano Bacigalupo Saggese

National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC), Spain

Phindile Baleni

Mrs. Phindile Baleni

Director General
Gauteng Office of the Premier, South Africa

Gary Bennett

Mr. Gary Bennett

Vice President
Honeywell’s Smart Energy, USA

John Betkoski

Mr. John Betkoski

International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER), USA

Garrett Blaney

Mr. Garrett Blaney

CEER, Ireland

Shari Boyd

Mrs. Shari Boyd

Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), Australia

Stefano Bracco

Mr. Stefano Bracco

Knowledge Manager
Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), Italy

Francis Bradley

Mr. Francis Bradley

Chief Operating Officer
Canadian Electricity Association, Canada

Luigi Carbone

Mr. Luigi Carbone

Chair of the Jurisdictional Chamber
Supreme Administrative Court, Italy

Germán Castro

Mr. Germán Castro

Executive Director
Gas and Energy Regulatory Commission (CREG), Colombia

Susana Cazorla

Mrs. Susana Cazorla

Head of LPG Unit
Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), Mexico

Cristina Cifuentes

Mrs. Cristina Cifuentes

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australia

Pedro JoaquĂ­n Coldwell

Mr. Pedro JoaquĂ­n Coldwell

Paula Conboy

Mrs. Paula Conboy

Australian Energy Regulator (AER), Australia

Martin Crouch

Mr. Martin Crouch

Senior Partner
Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, UK

OdĂłn de Buen

Mr. OdĂłn de Buen

Mexico’s National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy, Mexico

Carlos  de Regules RuĂ­z-Funes

Mr. Carlos de Regules RuĂ­z-Funes

Executive Director
National Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment, Mexico

Patricia De Suzzoni

Mrs. Patricia De Suzzoni

Regulatory Commission of Energy, France

Monika De Volder

Mrs. Monika De Volder

Senior Policy Officer
BEUC, Belgium

Finn Dehlbæk

Mr. Finn Dehlbæk

Director General
Danish Energy Regulatory Authority, Denmark

GĂĽlefsan Demirbas

Mrs. GĂĽlefsan Demirbas

Vice President
Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG), Turkey

Christina Espinosa

Mrs. Christina Espinosa

Cofounder and CEO
GenteGas SA, USA

Marie-Pierre Fauconnier

Mrs. Marie-Pierre Fauconnier

Vice President for International Relations
CEER, Belgium

Bevan Flansburg

Mrs. Bevan Flansburg

Deputy Director of International Programs

Guillermo GarcĂ­a Alcocer

Mr. Guillermo GarcĂ­a Alcocer

Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) Mexico

Monica Gattinger

Dr. Monica Gattinger

Institute for Science, Society and Policy University of Ottawa, Canada

Jean-Michel Glachant

Mr. Jean-Michel Glachant

Florence School of Regulation, Italy

Carlos Joaquín González

Mr. Carlos Joaquín González

Raymond Gorman

Mr. Raymond Gorman

New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board, Canada

Annegret Groebel

Dr. Annegret Groebel

Vice President
Council of European Energy Regulators, Germany

Leigh Hancher

Mrs. Leigh Hancher

University of Tilburg, Netherlands

Tatsuo Hatta

Mr. Tatsuo Hatta

Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Commission, Japan

Scott Hempling

Mr. Scott Hempling

Adjunct Professor
Georgetown University Law, USA

Fernando Hernández

Mr. Fernando Hernández

Director-General for Energy
National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC), Spain

Jaime Hernández

Mr. Jaime Hernández

General Director
Federal Electricity Commission, Mexico

David Hochschild

Mr. David Hochschild

California Energy Commission, USA

Colette Honorable

Mrs. Colette Honorable

Reed Smith LLP Global Energy and Natural Resources Group, USA

Ifey Ikeonu

Mrs. Ifey Ikeonu

Executive Director
EcoGreen Foundation, Ghana

Jan Ingwersen

Mr. Jan Ingwersen

General Manager
European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas, Belgium

VerĂłnica Irastorza

Ms. VerĂłnica Irastorza

Associate Director
NERA Economic Consulting, Mexico

Rolands Irklis

Mr. Rolands Irklis

Public Utilities Commission, Latvia

Agustin J. Ros

Dr. Agustin J. Ros

Brattle Group, USA

Thomas J. Starrs

Mr. Thomas J. Starrs

Vice President
SunPower Corporation, USA

Maloaré J.G. Soares

Mr. Maloaré J.G. Soares

Business Unit Director
Siemens Mesoamerica, Mexico

Travis Kavulla

Mr. Travis Kavulla

Vice Chairman
Montana Public Service Commission, USA

Lord Mogg KCMG

Lord Mogg KCMG

Founding Chair
International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER), UK

Ester Khosa

Dr. Ester Khosa

Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority, Zimbabwe


Mr. Vitaly Korolev

Deputy Head
Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), Russian Federation

Anand Kumar

Mr. Anand Kumar

Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission, India

Chris Lee

Mr. Chris Lee

Hawaii State Legislature, USA

Philip Lewis

Mr. Philip Lewis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
VaasaETT, Finland

Bruno Liebhaberg

Mr. Bruno Liebhaberg

Centre on Regulation in Europe, Belgium

Janice Lin

Mrs. Janice Lin

Founder and CEO
Strategen Consulting, USA

James M. Shannon

Mr. James M. Shannon

International Electrotechnical Commission, USA

David  Madero

Mr. David Madero

Chief Executive
Officer National Control Center for Natural Gas in Mexico (CENAGAS), Mexico

Marcelino Madrigal

Dr. Marcelino Madrigal

Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), Mexico

Gloria Magombo

Mrs. Gloria Magombo

Regional Electricity Regulators Association of Southern Africa (RERA) , Zimbabwe

Kevin McIntyre

Mr. Kevin McIntyre

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, USA

Muzi Mkhize

Mr. Muzi Mkhize

Regulator Member
National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA), South Africa

Lucio Monari

Mr. Lucio Monari

Director of the Energy & Extractives
World Bank, Italy

Karine Monteiro

Mrs. Karine Monteiro

Commissioner of the Economic Regulation Agency, Cape Verde

J Paul Morgan

Mr. J Paul Morgan

Chief Executive Officer
Utility Regulation and Competition Office, Cayman Islands

Josche Muth

Mr. Josche Muth

German-Mexican Energy Partnership, Mexico

Foibe Namene

Mrs. Foibe Namene

Chief Executive Officer
Electricity Control Board, Namibia

Ignacio Navarro Zermeño

Mr. Ignacio Navarro Zermeño

Federal Economic Competition Commission, Mexico

Yawovi Negbegble

Mr. Yawovi Negbegble

Principal Power Regulatory Officer

Pavel Robert Oimeke

Mr. Pavel Robert Oimeke

General Director
Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Kenya

Bob Orr

Mr. Bob Orr

Oliver Wyman’s Oil and Gas, USA

André Pepitone

Mr. André Pepitone

National Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL), Brazil

Ignacio J.  PĂ©rez-Arriaga

Mr. Ignacio J. PĂ©rez-Arriaga

Comillas University, Spain

John Pierce

Mr. John Pierce

Australian Energy Market Commission, Australia

Andrew Place

Mr. Andrew Place

Vice Chairman
Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission, USA

Clara Poletti

Mrs. Clara Poletti

Head of the Regulation Department
Regulatory Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water, Italy

Alberto Pototschnig

Mr. Alberto Pototschnig

First Director
European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), Italy

Ken Quesnelle

Mr. Ken Quesnelle

Vice Chair
Ontario Energy Board, Canada

Montserrat Ramiro Ximénez

Mrs. Montserrat Ramiro Ximénez

Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), Mexico

Anda Ray

Mrs. Anda Ray

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), USA

Kathleen  Riviere-Smith

Mrs. Kathleen Riviere-Smith

Executive Director
Organisation of Caribbean Utility Regulators (OOCUR), Bahamas

Andrés Romero Celedón

Mr. Andrés Romero Celedón

Executive Secretary
National Energy Commission of the Government, Chile

Francisco Xavier Salazar DĂ­ez de Sollano

Mr. Francisco Xavier Salazar DĂ­ez de Sollano

International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER) and founding partner of Enix, Mexico

Alexandre Santos

Mr. Alexandre Santos

Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MedReg), Portugal

Daniel Schmerler Vainstein

Mr. Daniel Schmerler Vainstein

Iberoamerican Association of Energy Regulatory Agencies (ARIAE), Peru

Janet Sena

Mrs. Janet Sena

Senior Vice President
North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), USA

JesĂşs  Serrano Landeros

Mr. JesĂşs Serrano Landeros

Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), Mexico

Una Shortall

Mrs. Una Shortall

Deputy Secretary General
Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), Ireland

Rosemary Sinclair

Mrs. Rosemary Sinclair

Chief Executive Officer
Energy Consumers, Australia

Aida Sitdikova

Mrs. Aida Sitdikova

Director of Energy & Resources
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Russia

Beatrice Sithole

Mrs. Beatrice Sithole

Zimbabwe’s Civil Society, Zimbabwe

Katya  Somohano Silva

Mrs. Katya Somohano Silva

Chief Executive Officer of CFE Calificados, Mexico

Frauke Thies

Mrs. Frauke Thies

Executive Director
Smart Energy Europe, smartEn, Belgium

Sonya Twohig

Mrs. Sonya Twohig

Head of System Operations
ENTSO-E, Ireland

Wolfgang Urbantschitsch

Mr. Wolfgang Urbantschitsch

Executive Director
E-Control, Austria

Carmen Urizar

Mrs. Carmen Urizar

Director and Founder
Energy & Infrastructure Analysis Center (EIA Center), Guatemala

Anne Vadasz Nilsson

Mrs. Anne Vadasz Nilsson

Director General
Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate, Sweden

Sarah Van Cleve

Ms. Sarah Van Cleve

Energy Policy Advisor
Tesla Motors, USA

Laszlo Varro

Mr. Laszlo Varro

Chief Economist
International Energy Agency (IEA), Hungary

Jorge Vasconcelos

Mr. Jorge Vasconcelos

Former Chairman
Portugal Energy Services Regulatory Entity, Portugal

Salvatore Vinci

Mr. Salvatore Vinci

Head of Partnerships
International Renewable Energy Agency, Italy

Duncan Wood

Mr. Duncan Wood

Wilson Center Mexico Institute, USA

Diane X. Burman

Mrs. Diane X. Burman

New York State Public Service Commission, USA

Jorge Yepes

Mr. Jorge Yepes

Regulatory Manager
Public Enterprises of Medellin (EPM), Colombia

Ariel YĂ©pez

Mr. Ariel YĂ©pez

Chief of the Energy Division
Inter-American Development Bank, Mexico

John Zahurancik

Mr. John Zahurancik

Chief Operating Officer
Fluence, USA